High Security On-Site Shredding

File Thirteen Secured Destruction Specialists

Professional On-Site
Document Destruction

File Thirteen is committed to conducting rigorous background checks on all of our employees. You can rest assured that only trusted professionals are handling your confidential information.

File Thirteen Chain of Custody and Certificate of Destruction

Secure Chain of Custody
for Document Destruction

A secure Chain of Custody is necessary to document the confidential information destruction from beginning to end. This is important to ensure that it can be proven no third party has accessed that data.

File Thirteen Recycles 100% of Shredded Paper

100% Recycling of
Shredded Paper

We recycle 100% of your shredded documents!
And to further enhance your security, we process and bale the shredded paper right in our facility.

Executive Console for Documents to be Shredded

Executive Console

36" x 21" x 16" * Lockable * Holds 60 Pounds of Paper
Aesthetically pleasing and designed to blend in with office decor. Perfect for open areas near workspaces.

Slim Bin for Documents to be Shredded

Slim Recycling Bin

27" x 20" x 11" * Lockable * Holds 40 Pounds of Paper
Neutral color to fit any office decor. Perfect for copy room, mail room or any narrow spaces.

Large Wheeled Bin for Documents to be Shredded

Wheeled 64 Gallon Bin

Extra Large * Padlocked * Holds 225 Pounds of Paper
Perfect for offices producing a large amount of paper, and the wheels enable convenient movement.

File Thirteen Business Shredding Service

Business and Commercial

Premium on-site shredding service is available for any size business, large or small.
We customize a recurring service schedule based on your needs. We also provide you with secure containers for storing the information to be shredded. Our on-site service allows you to witness the process from beginning to end, as our Secured Destruction Specialists shred the documents immediately using our mobile shredding truck.

File Thirteen Home Shredding Service

Shredding for Homeowners

The same professional shredding service for businesses is available for home service too.
Whether you are looking to shred once per month or once per year, our premium on-site shredding service has you covered. No job is too big or too small!